E-Poster Upload

The e-poster upload will be available Friday, February 9th. The deadline to upload is Friday, March 2nd. 

Poster Guidelines:

  • Ideal poster size is: 120x67 cm Landscape format (16:9 ratio, 4:3 is also perfect)
  • You may use PowerPoint or any program that can be converted to PDF.
  • The upload of your ePoster will be possible in this format: PDF.
  • The ePoster consists of one page only.
  • We will transform your poster to a high resolution image 4000 pixel wide.
  • You may suggest the order in which the sections should be added (E.g. 1- Title and Authors, 2- Introduction, 3- Methods, etc)

Recommendations for designing your poster:

  • It is strongly recommended to use a clear typeface (Arial, Arial black, Calibri...) and regular text size not less than 28 for the body of the different sections (depending on the amount of data you will be adding and, of course, the design you are using).
  • For images/pictures or graphs, the suggested resolution is 300 dpi. To check that they appear correctly on the final/printed version, zoom in at 100% and check the images, pictures and graphs. It is better to use high quality images/graphs when creating the poster and then convert it to PDF (as PDF files can be compressed).
  • Provide clear labels or headings for each section of your presentation to avoid confusion.
  • On light backgrounds (white, yellow, light blue) use dark fonts (black, navy blue, dark green).
  • On dark backgrounds (blue, purple) use light fonts (white, yellow, cyan etc).

Try to avoid:

  • Having a total file size that exceeds 10 MB (although our system will still accept it).
  • The use of red or green in fonts or backgrounds as they are colours that are difficult to read.
  • Stretching the images manually, they will lose quality once zoomed in.
  • Full width sections. They are very difficult to read when divided as a section, even zoomed in.

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