Claim your Meeting Credits

All attendees are required to claim their own meeting credits via the SIR Learning Center. To assist in tracking your attended sessions, please either use your personal planner or tap the star next to sessions to add it to your schedule on the mobile app.

Please follow these instructions to make this process seamless:

  1. Log into using your SIR credentials
  2. Click into the 2020 SIR Annual Meeting course
  3. Click into one of the days you want to claim credit
  4. Click the time block for which your session occured
  5. Choose the session you attended  - complete the session evaluation and claim your credits
    1. The system will only allow you to claim credit for one session per time block
  6. Use the right-side navigation to
    1. Return to the same day to claim additional credits
    2. Return to the annual meeting menu to choose a different day
    3. Return to the annual meeting menu to navigate to the SA-CME tests
    4. Return to the annual meeting menu to print your CME or Participation certificate


SA-CME Information
Attendees can also complete SA-CME tests within the 2020 SIR Annual Meeting course

  1. Click the navigation button on the right side of the course that reads "SA CME"
  2. Click into the SA-CME sub-course
  3. Click the session date
  4. Choose the session you would like to to take the SA-CME test
  5. Take the SA-CME test and then claim your credits
  6. Return to the SA-CME menu to print your SA-CME certificate


If you have any questions, please visit a SIR staff member at SIR Central (booth 1243) or email