SIR 2018 Mobile App FAQs

Get the most out of SIR 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting by using the mobile app. Below are frequently asked questions and additional good-to-know features:

Q: Does the app have a new name and look?
A: Yes. The SIR Meetings app has been re-formated to include past and present annual meetings.

Q: Why do I need the SIR Meetings Mobile App?
A: SIR doesn't offer a printed program during our annual meeting. To keep up with daily events, please download the SIR Meetings Mobile App onto your smartphone.

Q: How do I download the SIR Meetings Mobile App?
A: Open your mobile device's app store and search for SIR Meetings. The app is free and available to everyone who registers for the annual meeting.

Q: How do I toggle between meetings?
A: Click the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose Exit to show list.

Q: How do I get the most out of the SIR Meetings Mobile App?
A: Quick tips and tricks will pop up the first time you use the app and they will walk you through how to best use each tool. Take time to click EVERY icon to learn what the app has to offer!

Q: How do I create my attendee profile?
A: When the meeting is open, swipe left to right (or tap on the three lines to the left of the word "Dashboard") and then click on the profile icon in the upper left corner. You can type your information or import your profile from LinkedIn. Once completed, don't forget to "Publish My Profile" so that you show up in the attendee section.

Q: How do I link my personal planner from the meeting website?
A: Tap "Online Profile Login" at the bottom of the dashboard screen. Enter your SIR credentials then tap submit. It mights take up to 24 hours for your personal planner information to show within the app.

Q: Can I schedule meetings with other attendees through the app?
A: Yes! From the attendees section, tap the name of the person you'd like to meet with, tap the hand shaking icon (Request Meeting), fill out the form and send them an invitation.

Q: How do I add sessions and event to My Schedule?
A: Tap on the Sessions & Events icon, when you find a session/event you want to attend, tap the star to the left of the session/event to make it a favorite. Your favorites will be added to your schedule.

Q: Do I rate sessions in the app? If so, how?
A: Yes, please do! Within Sessions & Events, tap the session you want to rate and tap the clipboard icon on the left. Complete the evaluation questions and click submit at the bottom of the form.

Q: Can I take notes in the app?
A: Yes, you can take notes on PDFs, exhibitors and sessions by tapping on the pencil icon on the left of the screen.

Q: Can I download my favorite information and notes from the app?
A: Yes, you can export an entire show summary, which will generate an email of your notes and your bookmarked/visited exhibitors, sessions and abstracts. Tap the gear icon (app settings), click view all notes then tap the export icon in the upper right corner.

Additional Features to highlight:

Set reminders for your favorite sessions. Attendees can set reminders so they don't miss events that they added to their schedule. Click on opp settings and enter the amount of time ahead of the event you want to be notified.

What's on Now? Tap this icon from the dashboard to see a list of sessions/events that have just begun or are starting in the next 30 minutes.

Follow the discussion on social media. Keep up with SIR 2019 by tapping the social media icon from the dashboard. Live feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube are available during the show so you won't miss what SIR staff and your peers are sharing.

Two ways to view abstracts
1. Abstracts icon from the app dashboard
2. Through the session at which they are presented
To bookmark abstracts for later reference, simply tap the star!