Hands-On Workshops

* 2020 hands-on program not yet set.  Please reference the 2019 information below as a general guide to how the workshops will be run.



For many attendees, the hands-on experience is an essential part of attending SIR 2019. Some even prioritize this as their primary path to exploring product lines and bringing critical questions to exhibitors.

Each 1.5-hour session will register up to 140 attendees.*

          * Three workshops are restricted based on practice level: the Radial access workshop, IVC filters workshop and Resident, Fellow, Medical Student workshop. Expect up to 70 attendees.


To sign your company up, please follow this link:

SIR 2019 Hands-On Workshop Application for Industry


You may preview the schedule when you search “hands-on workshops” in this interactive program.



The room will be set up by SIR. We provide you with:

  • Table

  • Neutral draping

  • Standard multi-outlet power strip (120V / 60Hz electricity)

Please see the catering information page for animal tissues and exhibitor service kit for any electric/AV orders over and above these provisions.

The workshops must be promotion-free. Not allowed are:

  • Company drape

  • Pop-up booths

  • Sell sheets

  • Any other branded or trademarked materials

In the interest of getting these devices safely in the field, we do allow:

  • Clinical User Guides

  • Training Instructions and Instructions For Use

  • Peer-reviewed clinical reprints [unmarked or non-highlighted]

  • Company-provided lead generation including business cards

  • Audio-visual or multimedia presentations are also allowed but subject to certain guidelines. Please submit any presentations for content review ahead of time to SIR Corporate Relations staff at (703) 460-5575 or clopez@sirweb.org. While electricity will be provided for you, monitors, laptops, or other AV technology will need to be ordered by your company.


Expect up to 140 attendees per session. Please bring a sufficient number of non-sterile samples for every attendee to deploy.

We also encourage you to augment your hands-on experience with vascular models, phantoms and simulators.



Christian Lopez

(703) 460-5575