2019 Call for Abstracts FAQ

Is there a character count limit for abstract submissions?

Do tables count toward the character count limit?
May I submit a late-breaking abstract to SIR 2019?
How do I submit a poster?
May I submit work that was already published as a manuscript?
If my abstract is accepted for SIR 2019, am I required to submit the manuscript to JVIR?
May I submit my abstract for SIR 2019 if it was already presented at another meeting?
Can an abstract under consideration for presentation at another meeting be submitted for presentation to SIR 2019?
What if my abstract is accepted for presentation at another meeting after submission to SIR?
Is there a registration fee for abstract presenters?
What if I am unable to attend the meeting and need to withdraw my oral or poster presentation?

Sanctions Policy


Is There a Character Count for Abstract Submissions?

Yes. There is a 2,200-character count limit for abstract submissions. This limit does not include the abstract title or authors. Spaces do count against the 2,200 character limit.

Do Tables Count Toward the Character Limit

Yes. You may add up to one table to your submission. Tables will appear at the end of your abstract, both on the proof and for publication; tables cannot be placed within the text of the submission. Each character will count toward your total character count.

May I Submit a Late-breaking Abstract to SIR 2019?

Late-breaking abstract submission requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis. If you have research that constitutes late-breaking data that will not be available by the September 27th deadline please contact Janet at the SIR office to submit your intent for approval at jmitchell@sirweb.org. Late-Breaking submissions will only be accepted as oral presenations. The Late-breaking deadline is in early January. 

How Do I Submit a Poster?

Your abstract must first be submitted and accepted for poster presentation before your poster is submitted. Poster instructions will be provided after abstract acceptance.

There are two types of abstract submission: Original Scientific Research and Educational Exhibit.

Original Scientific Research: A structured abstract is required and should be organized into the following four paragraphs: 1) Purpose, 2) Materials and Methods, 3) Results and 4) Conclusions. For further details, refer to the Instructions for Authors at JVIR.org.

Abstracts accepted as original scientific research will be selected for either an oral presentation or an e-poster. Authors who feel that their research is best presented as a poster must designate a presentation preference of "Poster Only" when they submit their abstract. All original scientific research posters will be presented an electronic ePoster.

Educational Exhibit: Intended for educational exhibits that highlight a technique, concept or subject, rather than hypothesis-driven research. Material in this category is not suited for presentation as a scientific abstract. Examples include review of a topic, "how-to" demonstrations and pictorial essays. A structured, 4-part abstract is required with the format: 1) Learning Objectives, 2) Background, 3) Clinical Findings/Procedure Details and 4) Conclusion and/or Teaching Points.

Abstracts accepted as educational exhibits will be presented as posters in the traditional hard-copy format or in an electonic ePoster format. 

May I Submit Work That Was Already Published as a Manuscript?

The submitting author must verify at the time of submission that the material is his/her own and that it will not have been published as a manuscript prior to presentation at the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting. Updates or follow-ups of previously published or presented work are acceptable.

If My Abstract Is Accepted for SIR 2019, Am I Required to Submit the Manuscript to JVIR?

Due to the increase in number of qualified abstract submissions, SIR has increased the overall acceptance rate.  However not all accepted abstracts will be published in the Annual Meeting supplement to JVIR. In keeping with the mission of JVIR, only original scientific abstracts, both oral and ePoster, will be published in the JVIR supplement. Educational exhibits, both traditional poster and ePoster, will not be published in the JVIR supplement.  All accepted abstracts will be available for viewing on sirmeeting.org and in the SIR 2018 meeting app.

The JVIR Editor and the Annual Scientific Committee strongly encourage you to submit your full manuscript for potential publication in JVIR before the meeting or shortly afterwards.  Please submit your article through Elsevier's Manuscript Submission System at http://www.ees.elsevier.com/jvir/. IMPORTANT:  Before submitting your manuscript, make sure the consult our Instructions for Authors/Manuscript Preparation Guidelines at http://www.jvir.org/authorinfo.  For questions, please contact the submissions management team at JVIR@sirweb.org.

May I Submit My Abstract for SIR 2018 If It Was Already Presented at Another Meeting?

Material may not be submitted to SIR that was previously presented at a national scientific radiology meeting within the United States. Work may be submitted to SIR that was presented outside the United States or at local or regional meetings within the United States or at a national meeting within the United States primarily attended by nonradiologists.

Requests for exemptions of work presented at national-level U.S. radiology meetings are honored on a case-by-case basis. To request an exemption or for further details regarding this policy, please contact Janet Mitchell at (703) 460-5561 or email AnnualMeeting@SIRweb.org.

Can an Abstract Under Consideration for Presentation at Another Meeting Be Submitted for Presentation to SIR 2019?

Yes. Abstracts submitted for presentation at any other national scientific radiology meeting within the United States may be submitted for presentation at SIR. If the work submitted to the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting is accepted for presentation at another national scientific radiology meeting within the United States the abstract must first be presented at SIR.

What If My Abstract Is Accepted for Presentation at Another Meeting After Submission to SIR?

Any abstract accepted for presentation by another scientific meeting after submission to the SIR meeting must be disclosed by the submitting author to SIR in writing. If the abstract is accepted for presentation at SIR, a publication waiver in favor of JVIR must also be obtained from the secondary meeting. SIR reserves the right to revoke abstract acceptance if a waiver in favor of JVIR is not obtained. Once an abstract is accepted for presentation at SIR it may not be submitted or presented at any other meeting without a written waiver from SIR.

For additional questions please contact Janet Mitchell at (703) 460-5561 or email AnnualMeeting@SIRweb.org.

Is There a Registration Fee for Abstract Presenters?

All presenting authors are responsible for arranging their own travel and logistical support and are required to register for the 2019 SIR Annual Scientific Meeting. Abstract presenters are not eligible for registration discounts. Online registration opens October 1.

Abstract Withdrawal/Cancellation Policy

Authors of scientific abstracts must be prepared to deliver their material orally or as a poster. There is no provision for "oral presentation only." Abstracts cannot be withdrawn once submitted nor will the format (oral or poster presentation) be modified after acceptance by the Annual Scientific Meeting Committee.

Upon notification of acceptance, abstract presenters must confirm that they will appear for the presentation at the stated date and time, or that a poster will be provided by the start of the meeting. The presentation times will not be adjusted once the scientific program is set. Absence from a scientific presentation or failure to provide an accepted poster at the start of the meeting will expose the presenting author, as well as all co-authors, to potential sanctions as described in the below Sanctions Policy. The Annual Scientific Meeting Committee reserves the right to waive abstract withdrawal sanctions under extraordinary circumstances only.

Sanctions Policy

Failure to adhere to standards may expose both submitting and co-authors to professional sanctions up to and including exclusion from the SIR scientific program for a period up to three (3) years. The SIR Annual Scientific Meeting Committee reserves the right to refer any and all information related to possible professional misconduct to the author's institution of record.