SIR 2020 Update

SIR 2020 - what's next? 

Knowing that the discoveries presented at the Annual Meeting inform both clinical practice and future research directions, we still intend to deliver the latest IR science to the global community using a virtual format that respects the contributions of the authors and the work of the Annual Meeting Committee.  In addition, abstracts will be published online and in the Journal of Interventional Radiology as scheduled. 

Preparing for the conference involves the time, talent and ideas of a great many of our physician volunteers, speakers, exhibitors and event partners. We’re incredibly grateful for this and deeply disappointed not to be able to postpone or hold the meeting as planned. 

We are asking all presenters to upload presentations for the SIR 2020 DVL. This content will be repurposed into a virtual meeting in the next few months. Instructions are forthcoming. 

Although we are unable to unite in Seattle as we had hoped, we will all unite as a global community to meet these challenges and address the acute clinical care issues ahead. We also know you are faced with tremendous pressure as you confront stress on our health care system. We are focusing our energies on supporting your work in multiple ways, including:


SIR’s core purpose and mission: to work with and on behalf of our members to improve lives through image-guided therapy. This is true in the products and services we deliver, the voice we bring to important policy and public venues, the research we inspire and the collaborations we value with industry and other healthcare providers. Thank you for your support and commitment. 

SIR 2020 cancellation notification and FAQs.



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