Workshops By Topic

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Advanced Concepts in Chemoembolization
Advanced Concepts in Radioembolization
Advanced Liver Ablation
Anesthesia/Sedation: Case-based Approach to Pain Control
Aortoiliac Intervention
Arterial Thrombolysis: The Latest Techniques and Devices
Basic IO Embolization I: Patient Selection and Triage
Basic IO Embolization II: Angiography and Anatomy
Basic IO Embolization III: Embolic Selection
Basic Liver Ablation: Patient and Device Selection
Biopsy: When, Why, Where, How and How Often
Complex Aortic Intervention: Aneurysms and Dissection
Complex Pancreatico-hepatobiliary Interventions
Complex Venous Access
Difficult Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filter Retrieval
Emergent 'Trauma' Intervention
Emergent Intervention for Iatrogenic Injuries
Endovascular Office-based Procedures
Enteral Nutrition: Percutaneous Approaches
GI Bleeding: Diagnosis to Intervention
Gonadal Intervention in Men and Women
Hemodialysis Access: Complex Intervention
How to Safely Treat Bariatric Patients
How to Use Cone Beam CT in Your Practice
Infrapopliteal Arterial Intervention
Legal Issues in IR: Real Life Cases
Liquid Embolics
Lung Ablation: The Basics to the Advanced
Lymphatic Imaging and Intervention: Adults and Kids
Mea Culpa: Worst Disasters of My Career
Mesenteric Intervention: Occlusive Disease and Aneurysms
MSK Interventions for Pain
Musculoskeletal Intervention: Basic Procedures the IR Should Know
Neurovascular Devices: Simple to Complex
PAD: Management of Chronic Total Occlusions
Palliative Interventions: Non-MSK
PE Intervention: When and How
Pediatrics I: Hepatic Shunts, Portal Hypertension and Transplant Intervention
Physical Exam and Noninvasive Testing
Portal Hypertension I: Advanced TIPS
Portal Hypertension II: How to do a Balloon-occluded Retrograde Transvenous Obliteration (BRTO)--Basic to Complex
Practical Approach to CO2 in the IR Suite
Prostate Embolization Case Show
Radiation Protection for Patients and Staff
Renal Ablation: The Basics to the Advanced
Splenic and Transsplenic Interventions
Splenic Reduction: When and How
Superficial Femoral Artery (SFA) Intervention
Treating Chronic Venous Occlusive Disease
Urologic Interventions: Techniques and Tricks
Vascular Malformations: How I do it
Venous Sampling: Tips and Tricks
Venous Thrombolysis: Peripheral, Mesenteric and Pulmonary
Women's Health: Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) and Other Interventions
Wound Care