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Workshops By Topic

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Ablation (Hands-on)
Adrenal Vein Sampling
Angiography, Biopsy, and Drainage: The ABDs of Interventional Radiology
Biopsy and Drainage Case Show
Closure Device (Hands-on)
Embolization I: Vascular Anomalies
Embolization II: Fundamentals
Embolization III: Trauma
Embolization IV: Bronchial Artery Embolization Case Show
Embolization IX: Splenic Reduction: When and How
Embolization V: Liquid Embolics (Hands-on)
Embolization VI: Mechanical Embolic Agents (Hands-on)
Embolization VII: Peripheral AVM Case Show
Embolization VIII: Prostate Embolization Case Show
Embolization X: Visceral Aneurysms: IR Management
Embolization XI: Prostate and Bladder Embolization
Endoleak and EVAR Complications
Endovascular Repair for AAA (Hands-on)
Gastrointestinal IR: Techniques & Tips
Getting Started in IR Research
GI Bleeding Case Show
Imaging, Biopsy and Treatment of Prostate Cancer in IR
Improving Quality and Safety in IR
Interventional Techniques for Dialysis Access
IR Economics: Navigating the Affordable Healthcare Act
IR Management of Portal Hypertension (BRTO)
IR Management of Portal Hypertension (TIPS)
IR/DR Primary Certificate
IVC Filters (Hands-on)
Lymphatic Imaging and Interventions
Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa: Overcoming Complications in IR
Neurointerventions I: Spine Interventions
Neurointerventions II: Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI)
Neurointerventions III: Stroke Management
Neurointerventions IV: Carotid Interventions
Nonvascular Urology Interventions
Oncology I: Introduction to Y90
Oncology II: Advanced Y90
Oncology III: Introduction to Tumor Ablation
Oncology IV: Advanced Tumor Ablation
Oncology IX: Particles and Drug Eluting (Hands-on)
Oncology V:Portal Vein Embolization
Oncology VI: Basic TACE
Oncology VII: Complex TACE
Oncology VIII: Cone Beam CT in IR
Oncology X: TACE Case Show
Oncology XI: Tumor Ablation Case Show
PAD I: Aortoiliac Interventions
PAD II: SFA Interventions
PAD III: Infrapopliteal Interventions
PAD IV: Renovascular and Mesenteric Artery Interventions
PAD IX: Atherectomy (Hands-on)
PAD V: Acute Arterial Thromboembolic Disease
PAD VI: Carotid/Subclavian Stenting Case Show
PAD VII: SFA Case Show
PAD VIII: Arterial Access Tips and Tricks: Difficult Puncture, Complication and Management
PAD X: Below The Knee Case Show
PAD XI: Radial Access (Hands-on)
PAD XII: Pedal Access (Hands-on)
PAD XIII: Renal Denervation: Basic Technique and Expectations
Pain Management
Pancreatico-hepatobiliary Interventions
Patient Care I: Pre- and Post-Procedure Evaluation
Patient Care II: Antiplatelets, Antihypertensives, Anticoagulants, and Glycemic Control in the IR Suite
Pediatric Series: A Practical Case Based Approach
Pediatric Series: Vascular Procedures
Pelvic Congestion & Varicoceles
Potpourri of Pearls
Practice Development I: Freestanding IR Practice
Practice Development II: Treatment of Migraine and other Facial Pain Syndromes
Practice Development III: Legal Issues in IR
Protection Devices (Hands-on)
Radiation Safety: Protect You and the Patient
Social Media Skills Workshop
Vein Clinic: Advanced Case Show
Venous Thromboembolic Disease I: Acute DVT and PE
Venous Thromboembolic Disease II: Chronic Venous Occlusions
Vertebroplasty Case Show
Women's Health: Current Status & Controversies in UFE
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