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Plan Your Education Experience at SIR 2015

SIR 2015 offers a comprehensive IR education experience with even more interactivity and hands-on learning than last year and unparalleled access to experts across the spectrum. With more than 400 scientific presentations and 250-plus hours of programming -- including an array of new workshop formats -- you can customize an experience based on the topics and session types that interest you most.


If it’s IR, it’s here!

Preliminary Program Available October 1

General Session

In these exciting feature sessions; conference attendees hear from the specialty's top thought leaders on major often controversial issues in interventional radiology.









Traditional categorical courses have been renamed to "In-the-classroom" sessions.  These sessions will offer deep exploration of timely topics with "lessons learned" and case-based approaches.


In-the-clinic, In-the-lab & Learning lab workshops

The 2015 workshop program has been revised and will now offer three distinct workshops to address each topic areas needs.

  • In-the-clinic workshops, which will focus on consults and follow-up visits and will be cross-sectional imaging heavy
  • In-the-lab workshops, will feature case-based teaching focus will be on procedure technique and pitfalls
  • Learning Lab workshops- SIR’s popular hands-on workshop series will be held adjacent to the SIR Expo.  These specially designed theaters and sessions feature faculty proctors who instruct attendees on the use of the latest devices and techniques.


In-the-clinic and In-the-lab sessions are practical “how I do it” sessions and will be strongly image-based. 2015 workshops will clearly define basic and advanced sessions to aid attendees in finding the right workshops for them!


Scientific Sessions

Scientific sessions are the heart of SIR's annual scientific meeting. Each session features moderated, peer-reviewed abstract presentations grouped into related categories.


SIR’s Scientific Poster displays will be located adjacent to the technical exhibits in SIR EXPO. Experiencing exponential growth is the last 5 years, Scientific Posters feature premier blind peer reviewed abstracts from around the globe.








The symposium is a half-day learning experience that will focus on the timely clinical topics that constitute interventional radiology today. A symposium will kick off the meeting on Saturday: the Saturday symposium will cover morbidity and mortality.


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