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Exhibitors 2015

Why SIR 2015?

Participation in SIR 2015 is an investment in the specialty and an opportunity to build long lasting relationships with members of the interventional radiology community - today and for the future. 


SIR Expo provides an exclusive setting for corporate partners and meeting attendees to engage and share the latest innovations in the IR specialty. This year SIR Expo will be hosting the hands-on workshop sessions and the scientific posters. A new lunch bistro and comfortable lounge areas will also be introduced. Bringing these opportunities to SIR Expo will help enrich an even larger educational and networking experience!


Look for more details below. 


2015 Traffic Builders!

Hands-on Workshops



Eat and Be Educated Sessions

Hands-on Designation

Passport Program


Interested In Exhibiting?

Contact Susie Evenden, SIR's exhibits and corporate support manager, at (703) 460-5586 or email Exhibits@SIRweb.org for details.


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